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Key Master

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The Key Master. It comes in splinter camo. It will tame your keys. It will tame your life. Made from the same material as our slings. 100% made in the USA.

Overall Length: 5.5-6″

Key Ring Width: 1.375″

Color: Splinter Camo

Care: Do not machine wash or dry. Wash by hand and air dry.

6 Reviews

Greg Apr 26th 2024

Built to last

I have waited quite some time to post this review, I purchased my Keymaster well over a year ago. I waited because I wanted to make sure the material, carabiner, ring, and stitching were all quality. Let me be the first to tell you, that they are, I’ve had zero issues and convinced this thing will still be holding my keys 10 years from now. I used to be the guy that would lose his head if it wasn’t attached to his neck, and my organizational skills are subpar even on my best days, so keeping up with my 2 pound ring of keys has been a tall task for me… until I purchased the Keymaster, then my whole life changed. My keys are now my metallic slaves, begging for their freedom, but to no avail. They are stuck to my side for eternity, jangling from the belt loop of my wranglers so violently it would even make a highschool janitor envious. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE ESCAPE.

Nathan Apr 14th 2024

Absolutely perfect for me

I used a carabiner clip for my keys, but it wasn't the best. This is perfect, honestly. Great quality and just the right length for what I need. Only way it could be better is to have both ends be the clip, instead of a keyring. Then I could easily remove my car keys when I have to hand them over for car inspections and such.

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