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Onward Research X ESD Sling

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We are proud to bring you our combat ready slings in collaboration with Edgar Sherman Design. This sling works in a variety of roles; from Rifles and DMR’s to Submachineguns. It is rapidly adjustable and instantly increases your cool factor.

  • MK 1.5
  • Updated elastic is featured on all slings to quicken and ease the stowing functionality of the sling.
  • Updated tags for a cleaner, more legible, fade-resistant logo.
  • Hand-made in the USA with Berry compliant materials, compliance tag hidden in the rear section of the sling.
  • Enhanced Pull Tab grip for easier adjustability.
  • Quick-adjustment function moves naturally while both extending and retracting.
  • 20+ inches of adjustment in the rear section of the strap to fit individuals up to 7 feet tall.
  • Open-Ends: ITW Tri-Glide buckles present on both ends of the sling to be compatible with various other attachment methods.

9 Reviews

Christopher Charles Vargas May 25th 2024

Wish I cld give it 6stars; hell,10 even.

So impressed with how it works and functions; its trvely the best sling I've ever tried and/or own, but... the icing on the cake is the time it takes to ship is immaculate, never had any company much less one this small(I assume), send me the product as fast as I feel I placed to order for something, didnt have to deal with customer service but I'm going to assume its top notch with how insanely fast they shipped my product, hello don't even think its took more than just a couple of hours, I'm an over critical person, and many American companies kind of let us down by looking too scammer, this is the best veteran company I've purchased frm and I've bought alot of random ones tbh(box of shame); but I have to say bc my dad was a career vet, I am extra impressed and extra proud I finally found the kind of service and products, ...and quality that wld make all service "ppl" proud lol figured Id be nice and be more generalized than I usually am, side note loved this youtuber for years and is one of the best and tho I dont kno him, seems to be the most humble I've met; cannot wait until I purchase more frm this site, thank you your service bt2 ?✌??

Davie Scott May 14th 2024


I only use ED SLINGS and Grand Thumb is my favorite YOUTUBE CHANNEL,so I had to get it. I really liked the pattern. It used it on my MAD PIG CUSTOM 30 30.

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