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Your vision begins to fade as you slump to the ground. You can just barely make out the splinter camo sling on the man’s Block II M4 rifle as he emerges from the brush. Your gucci $100 dollar sling lays helplessly on the ground next to you, the multicam black clearly visible on the forest floor. “Just as good and only 50 dollars” the man mutters to himself. You feel the slick polyester webbing slide across your face as he passes by you. If only you’d bought a splinter sling. Things might have been different. 

This sling may or may not allow you to have a happy family and live on a homestead in the woods. If not it at the very least features a tight woven polyester webbing that’s smooth AF and boasts 50% strength over mil-spec nylon. In addition the webbing is rated at over 1200lbs of tensile strength, more than enough to hold your 10lb Block II M4 (if you’re a chad). The quick-adjustment-buckle is made of aluminum as opposed to a polymer one that might wear out. Overall this sling is all business, quick to adjust, slides easily over equipment, attractive color and of course a higher chance of not being spotted in the woods.


Length: 59-70”

Width: 1″

Stitching: Double Stitched

Hardware: ITW Polymer 

Buckle: Adjustable Aluminum 

Durability: Webbing melting point of 400 degrees with 1200lbs of tensile strength


Care Instructions: Scrub with a soft bristle brush and dawn dish soap water mixture accordingly. Rinse clean and air dry.

15 Reviews

Kevin C Apr 1st 2024

Not just a sling, its a statement,

When I first clasped this sling onto my rifle, it was like the stars aligned. I mean, before this sling, my rifle and I were just acquaintances. Now? We're inseparable soulmates. This sling doesn’t just hold my rifle; it cradles it with the tender love of a Renaissance painting. People gaze in awe, probably thinking I'm some kind of action movie hero or a secret agent on a mission. I’ve even caught my neighbor peeking over the fence, eyes wide, muttering, “That’s not just a sling, that’s a statement.” Trust me, this sling is the silent wingman I never knew I needed

Nick M Dec 18th 2023

The Last Sling You’ll Own

This sling slings so hard. If I let go of my rifle without this sling on it would fall to the ground. When I use this sling, it just stays slung to my body. I’m not saying this sling will get you laid so many times but I would never say that it won’t. Cause it totally will. Potential partners will be like, “Wow, that sling keeps that rifle so snug and stylish on their person. I hope they talk to me because anyone with a sling like that has to be an amazing lover with a high paying job.” Legend has it, God himself bought one.

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