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The RECCE Rig was specifically designed for light reconnaissance work and mountain fighting. From the harness to the height of the rig, everything was designed to be worn when using heavy packs/rucks in adverse terrain while carrying a full combat load of magazines. This was designed to be worn on its own or over a slick plate carrier.

I designed this rig after spending multiple years wearing chest rigs and heavy packs trudging up and down mountains in every environment imaginable. In many ways this rig takes heavy influence off of the venerable bush war rigs. There are several important notes about this rig, so let’s get into it.

UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE FIT: The RECCE Rig features four magazine pouches that can hold 1 to 2 STANAG/AR15 magazines per pouch, for a total of 8 magazines. It will fit most intermediate magazines including AK (7.62×39 and 5.45×39) but will only hold 1 instead of 2 per pouch. The pouches themselves use elastic on the sides to keep a snug fit on the magazines regardless of how many are in there. The magazine pouches have built in waterproof flaps to keep your magazines safe from the elements. 

MAP POUCH: The often forgotten but very important map pouch sits behind the magazines pouches and can fit thin documents/maps or other mission essential items.

EXPANSION CAPABILITIES: On either side of the magazine pouches you have two open rows of MOLLE. This allows you to add whatever you may need such as radio pouches, grenade pouches, additional magazine pouches or admin pouches. You can also keep this area slick for a small overall rig depending on the size of your torso. Don’t forget you can add more storage with our Small Integrated Misc Pouch (SIMP) which sits under the RECCE rig and allows for many more items to be added.

DESIGNED FOR MOUNTAIN WORK: The RECCE Rig features an H-Harness which I find to be the most comfortable when worn over multiple months of being in the field. The angle of the strap from the RECCE Rig to the H-Harness was chosen precisely to hold the chest rig high on your body and to not interfere with Large Framed Packs/Rucks.

WIRE MANAGEMENT: The chest straps have multiple areas to store and route wires from whatever radio system/end user device you may be using. Push-To-Talk’s, compasses, GPS and other items can be easily mounted to the webbing of the chest straps as well.

UNIVERSAL FIT: The chest rig buckles can be moved up or down to situate the chest rig higher on the chest depending on your height / build. The rig features fully adjustable straps to ensure you get the best fit on your body.

SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE: The RECCE Rig was designed with what I wanted out of a chest rig. It’s lightweight, doesn’t sit far off of your body, is held high on the chest and integrates perfectly with packs. You can carry a full combat load out easily and can expand it as your mission dictates.

101 Reviews

Riley May 6th 2024

Solid rig

This is the first rig I've ever purchased and I'm really happy with it. Its super comfortable and balances the weight of the mags really nice. I'm excited to build off it.

Will cheatham May 6th 2024


Absolutely love this rig feels great fits better and is her versatile. Price isn’t bad but I wish the clips were molle capable so I could strap this down to my plate carrier. Other than that this rig is nothing shy of amazing.

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