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SIMP Pouch

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The Small Integrated Miscellaneous Pouch is a bite sized pouch that integrates with our RECCE Rig as well as with most plate carrier designs. This pouch is meant to hold additional critical items that you want to access quickly.

The internal compartment features tourniquet retention bands for a protected TQ. It can also fit small rite-in-the-rains, Grenades (Frag, M18 smoke), 40MM grenades, headlamps, VS-17 panels and other small items.

The front of the pouch features webbing to hold a Chemlight as well as loops for attaching carabiners for gloves, chemlights or other equipment.

The bottom of the pouch features two elastic bands to holds a standard CAT tourniquet in place.

Although small in size, the SIMP makes up for it with simple, smart features to give you the equipment you need based on your job.

Internal Product Dimensions : 2.5 in Height, 7 in Length, 2 in Width




17 Reviews

Nathaniel May 16th 2024

Simple Integrated Miscellaneous Pouch Pouch

It is one of the pouches of all time.

Cj May 10th 2024

This product got me milked

Excellent product. Now that I have an official SIMP pouch I have donated thousands to onlyfan “models” I can finally embrace being my true self…my true simp…

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