Skuffalo Hat


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The Classic plus +5 accuracy +5 dad... Probably.

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Brad Aug 25th 2023

Great hat, however…

By far my favourite hat, fits great and looks every better. Only problem is I keep getting feet pics sent to me know! Can’t figure out why?? Also, I can’t keep women away from me while wearing this hat. Don’t wear this out on the town if don’t want to be surrounded by the ladies begging to bear your children. Anyways, but a skuffalo hat!

Carter Aug 15th 2023

Skuffalo Hat

Great hat. Broad shade protection. Would appreciate more sweat protection, but it is sufficient. The snapping function in the back is very secure. Very comfortable and looks great. Proud to wear the logo. Join the herd, folks. As the description states, +5 Accuracy, +5 Dad, but also +5 Strategic Confusion. Everyone asks if it’s a bison or buffalo. Overall, 10/10, would buy again.

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