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Skuffalo Patch

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The Skuffalo is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be.. unnatural (Patch edition. Thank you Onward Research, very cool)

Size: 4″ x 2.5″

Backing: Velcro

Care: Hand wash only

4 Reviews

Dion Aug 5th 2023


QUALITY RATING: 5/5 What I see in the image is exactly what I got. The problem I faced with most patches is the color grading being off, threads sticking out, and poor stitching. This has none of that, I am more than satisfied being that the patches I've had before were nothing impressive. SHIPPING RATING: 4.8/5 Bought 7/31/2023 (Monday) - Shipped 8/12/2023 (Tuesday) - Delivered (Friday) 8/4/2023 Package arrived with no damage of any kind. I want to stress that this was not bought alone, it was ordered with a key chain. That being said I thought the delivery was slow for items that don't weigh much. I have paid for heavier items with standard and have received in two days, max. Onward is young, so I'm not gonna punish the rating too harshly over what could be a smaller work force, COVID issues, and delivery men fuck ups. PRICE RATING: 4/5 Some may disagree with the price, but I've paid for more that were in general piss poor patches. The quality and overall size of the patch is worth the money and support of GT. BUT, I have to be objective as well, the price (which I know some of it is not in their control like shipping and taxes) is still to some too much for what it gives. If we look pass through the memes, ATF's love for dogs, and whether flannel is the most underrated tactical camo in the world. It is just a patch that provides no benefit to shooting, physical fitness, or any overall training. Garand thumb I'm sure would say the same. TOTAL (IF BOUGHT BY ITSELF): $19.80 TAX: $1.80 SHIPPING: 6.00 OVERALL RATING: 5/5 Great patch supporting a great cause. I love it personally and will gift them to friends. It's a fun patch with a great meaning behind it. Thank you

Dylan Jun 27th 2023


This stuff makes my Slick Carrier Recce Ready, what more do you need??

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